Students enjoy inspirational talk from a microbial ecologist

Students enjoy inspirational talk from a microbial ecologist

A group of GCSE and A-level scientists at Tewkesbury Academy had the privilege to attend an inspirational talk by an environment molecular microbial ecologist from the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology about her journey from flunking chemistry to studying the guts of bees.

Dr Lindsay Newbold described her 20-year scientific journey through unconventional paths. She described the soil bacteria (with links to GCSE biology) project in the mountains, earthworms in Chernobyl, analysing water quality (links to GCSE chemistry) and work in environmental biology.

In a fascinating revelation, Dr Newbold told students their plate of chips relies on bees, birds, rats and another pollinators.
Dr Alice Kennedy, Director of Science at Tewkesbury Academy, said: “Dr Newbold gave some excellent advice about standing out from the crowd when looking for career progression.

“The event left a lasting impression on attendees, igniting a spark of curiosity and passion for science among the students at Tewkesbury Academy.”

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