Sir George Dowty Trust

The Sir George Dowty Trust was set up on 1st March 1972 by members of Tewkesbury Chamber of Commerce in recognition of the unique contribution made by Sir George Dowty in promoting the well-being and prosperity of Tewkesbury.

The Trust seeks to support present and past students of Tewkesbury Academy (School) by making financial grants to individuals to assist them in developing their own initiative, abilities and character.  During recent years, awards have been made to assist students with the purchase of sporting equipment, to attend courses, tuition in connection with extra-curricular activities and music; ‘one-off’ costs to assist with travel to specific training as well as the limited purchase of books and reading materials or equipment, such as a stethoscope, to assist those students interested in a medical career.

Students are not just limited to applications benefitting themselves but have often been granted awards to assist others; a number of students over the years have travelled to India and Africa at their own expense to help underprivileged children in those countries.

Although Trustees are responsible for the care of the fund, applicants seeking assistance are asked firstly to request an application form via email to [email protected] A member of the Academy Council will need to approve the application prior to it being recommended to the Trustees.

The award is not ‘means tested’ but generally an applicant will be asked to demonstrate what commitment they have made towards the activity.

If you can meet these criteria, the Trustees will do their best to support you. One essential part of the application process is that it must be made by an individual using the application form. Part of the terms of the Trust also state that applications from a group or for a group scheme cannot be considered, unless several members of the same group make individual applications explaining the grounds for their application.  Applications will be considered within a four week timeframe.

If you think you can meet the terms of the Trust, we, The Trustees, would very much like to hear from you and help you if we possibly can.

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